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Marissa Saroca.

Marissa has been in the industry for decades as a professional live artist, session singer, recording artist, as well as performing in a number of musicals in lead and ensemble roles.

She has twice won Best Female Vocals in the ABC Newcastle Music Awards, starred on the first season of The Voice of the Philippines and also released two original albums (and working on a third).

If your heart is set on the captivating Marissa Saroca to front your venue or event, but you need something a little bit more than a soloist - let Marissa bring her friends to the party! This way you can be sure to set the perfect mood.

Marissa+1 is the talents of Marissa Saroca and whomever her 'plus one' may be for the evening - if you want to dance she can bring along a drummer, for something a little more low-key and melodic she may be joined by a guitarist or another fine instrumentalist. 

Marissa+2 is all you’d expect from the talented songstress, with the bigger sound of a band behind her. With the combination of drums, bass or guitar (or even double keys for a more synth-based electro vibe!), you’re just adding to something already world class. 

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